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| Daniel Craig & Eva Green |

Because they know what a little finger can do

Daniel Craig & Eva Green fans. 'Cause they're love
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Welcome to dan_eva, a community for all the fans of Daniel Craig & Eva Green.
They met in Casino Royale, and they'll be together again for the first movie of His Dark Materials, called "The golden compass".
In this community you can find, or post, pictures (not just of the couple), graphics, news, and all this things that make us, the fans, go all *squee*.

First and foremost: RESPECT. Respect the actors, the community and our members, and all of us will be happy.

We know, and understand, that they have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but we like to dream and enjoy with the chemistry, flirtation, laughs and looks of this pair.

When posting...
· Pictures [Give credit if you found them in another website/journal]
· Graphics [Use lj-cuts if showing more than three icons, or large graphics]
· Videos & Videoclips [Again, credit if you're bringing any other person's work]
· News, rumors, interviews [The resource is welcome]
· Fics [From Vesper&Bond fics to the RPF (Real Person Fiction) ones]

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